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Politics. . .

Hashu Family Estates
Safizon VII - Safizon
Domain Region

Two men walked down a damp corridor underneath one of the Hashu Family's sprawling villa's overlooking a river delta.  The one on the left held his golden flight jacket over his shoulder as he talked in hushed tones to his companion.

"How upset was he with the change?"

The companion looked over his shoulder at the shorter man.  "He took it in stride.  That's not why he summoned you I think.  He also called in all of you by the way, this is a head family summons so your sisters and brother will both be here."

Rovern Hashu
Rovern furrowed his brow as he considered what would concern his father enough to summon all of his children.  "Mathias, he summoned Ryuu and Scion as well?"

"Ryuu will be joining electronically, as your father is well aware he can't leave his ship.  Ryuu will do as you want anyway so your attendance is what matters."

"You really have no idea Mathias?"

"Sorry Rov, but for once your father hasn't let on at all."

As the two men left the dark underground corridor for the open gardens of the inner villa Rovern spotted both of his sisters, Miri and Scion, on a stone bench, deep in conversation.  Rovern turned to talk to them but a sharp glance from Miri put a halt to his plan, instead he simply nodded and followed Mathias towards his father's current study.

Mathias motioned for Rovern to wait outside as he nodded at the two guards standing relaxed in the shadow of the massive doors to the study of Belrath Hashu.  Rovern couldn't help but glance at the guards, both seemed rather relaxed, leaning slightly on the wall as their eyes roamed the garden.  Rovern knew from experience that as relaxed as they appeared they were anything but.  With a closer glance Rovern could spot the heavy armor underneath their clothing and the weapons they had tucked away everywhere.  As he suspected both had tattoos of Slaver Hounds in different spots on their body, visible but one had to look to notice.  One never wanted to mess with a Hound, the three he knew personally were anything but normal guards and he wagered there probably wasn't such a thing as a normal Hound.

Just as Rovern's train of thought ended he spotted two more Hounds leading his other siblings into the door.  His older brother Teleth trailed a young male attendant with a Hound tattoo visible on his left hand.  Teleth was two years older than Rovern although Rovern appeared significantly younger due to multiple reclones as a capsuleer pilot.  His sisters Miri and Scion followed a young Khanid female Hound who reminded Rovern of his two cousins, Ren'va and Renae.  Miri smirked at him as she entered with Scion in tow.  Two years his junior Miri had a reputation for being a foxy young woman.  She remained surprisingly unmarried despite half the young bachelors in this area of Domain attempts to court her.

"Causing more problems again dear Rovern?" She asked cheerfully.  Scion rolled her eyes.  Scion seemed to have found a new obsession since he had last seen her, this time she was dressed like one of the Hound guards about the villa.  

Rovern replied to his sisters playful banter," Surprisingly not according to Mathias, so I'm at a total loss for what this is about."  Miri stopped short.  Apparently she had not been informed either.  Before she could respond however Mathias came out of the study and ushered the siblings in.

Belrath's study was really a collection of rooms that he worked out of.  On the surface the Hashu Family was a rather famous for their Slaver Hound kennels.  The families real work however was in the dark, away from public and official light.  The Hashu family ran one of the largest private intelligence networks in New Eden, breaching nearly every corporation and known government.  While in theory they were subjects of the emperor and served the empire, in practice it was well understood in higher channels that the Hashu Family served the Hashu Family and that crossing them never ended well.  Their 'Hounds' were considered the most advanced special operations in the empire possessing tech and hardware that even the government's forces didn't posses.

Few people knew what actually happened out of the study of Belrath, the head of the main branch of the Hashu Family but when it made a move, people paid attention.

The siblings were ushered into on of Belrath's receiving rooms.  Their father sat in a plush leather chair, likely made from Slaver Hound hide.  He was reading a datapad when they entered but set it down as they came in.  

"Welcome Welcome, glad you could make it.  This shouldn't take long."  He motioned for the siblings to sit on the couches in the room.

"Well lets get down to business, the reason your all hear is directly tied to you Rovern."  Rovern shifted on the couch and started to raise a question when his father stopped him.  "No its not something you did, although a heads up that you were abandoning the CVA would have been helpful.  No the issue is actually something that you haven't done but you are being accused of."

Belrath pulled up a infopage of a capsule pilot on a viewscreen on the wall.  "Rovern you will probably recognize this individual.  This is the executor of the NULL-SEC Capsule alliance Care Factor, known as Tib."

Suddenly everything made sense to Rovern.  "This is about Chastot isn't it?"

Chastot Riraille
Belrath grinned. "Exactly.  For the rest of you who aren't aware of the situation a member of the alliance Rovern joined has had one of their people posted to the Care Factor Home system of G-B22J.  For whatever reason Tib and his people have become convinced Chastot works for us.  Obviously this isn't the case."

Rovern thought a moment, "When it started I did inform them several times through different venues that the person wasn't directly connected with me but it seems they fail to believe me."

Belrath nodded as he obviously knew. "At this point normally we would just ignore it, but for whatever reason a few people in the empire have noticed.  So at some point the family is going to have to officially respond.  As a result we're going to change policy on this instance and respond harshly.  Rovern I think we can get your exec, JSSix in on this . . .

Rovern nodded a moment than had a thought . . . "How far do you wish to pursue this?"

Belrath looked at Rovern for a moment as his eyes appeared to intensify . . . "Burn them to the ground, I won't tolerate slander to this family."

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Hashu Family ~ An Introduction

"Have A Little Slaver In You?"
The House of Hashu, or more commonly known as the Hashu Family is a minor nobility family centered around the system of Safizon.  Publicly known almost solely from their premiere Slaver Hound breeding program and Kennels, they have won several awards for Slaver Hound training and bloodlines.  Underneath however the family has a radically different face.

The House of Hashu traces its bloodline back over 3000 years to the ancient wars on Athra.  Family lore claims that an individual named Oveur the Shrew won a strategic battle but when he was to be decorated the Emperor misheard the last part of his name and proclaimed him Oveur Hashu.

Roughly six generations after Oveur Hashu founded House Hashu and twelve years into the reclaiming, a major incident forever changed the face of the Hashu Family.  Lady Raven Sorain Hashu dies in childbirth leaving Lord Valin Hashu heartbroken and becomes reclusive.  After several years of mourning Valin is brought out of his reclusion by an affair with one of his Khanid bodyguards, Sarin Hamar.  Through Sarin the first secondary branch of the Hashu family, the Hamar Family, and the first elements of Khanid blood were introduced into the family.  It is also during this time period that the family first becomes active in the intelligence and espionage fields, through careful planning by Valin and Sarin, the foundations of one of the most elite special operations organizations is laid as the House of Hashu continues to server the emperor.

Since the days of Valin and Raven, the House of Hashu continued to expand establishing several splinter branches throughout the various Amarrian Royal families.  Today's Family includes over a dozen sub-branches including members from most bloodlines withing the empire either through marriage or adoption.  The main branch which continued through Lord Valin's son who Lady Raven died giving birth to, survived and is based from Safizon VII.  The Hamar family with the prestige of being the second longest surviving branch has also thrived serving as bodyguards and generally playing important Leadership roles in the family's military force, the Hounds.

Today's House Hashu thrives in the internal politics of the Amarrian Empire.  They are brokers of information and are actively involved not only in espionage against external threats to the empire but also internal actions of all the Major Houses.  While constantly striving to serve the empire, family members have consistently displayed a clear loyalty to their family first and the empire a distant second.  With one of the most highly trained military organization in the Empire, the "Hounds," the family can potential wield a considerable amount of power both in politics and the Amarrian underworld.  They have chosen however to generally not actively interfere in internal struggles of the Empire unless it is deemed a great destablizing threat and focus instead on external threats such as the Blood Raiders who they view as perhaps the greatest enemy to the purity of the empire and the various Minmatar terrorist elements.  With that said, when the Hounds do get involved, Amarrians in the know are generally inclined to let them do as they will.

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Family Timeline Notes

* According to internal sources family lore states that House Hashu was founded by an Oveur Hashu around 19,790 somewhere on the Amarrian continent on Athra.  Unable to verify due to extreme ages.

* Segments retrieved from House Hashu archives credit the first addition of a Khanid faction into the previously True Amarrian House roughly six generations after Oveurs founding, around 20,090

* Telenia Hashu was a 7th cousin of Belrath Hashu from a major family Branch in the Tash-Murkon region

* Ryn and Tera (Hamar) Hamabu were killed on a minor outpost in the Bleaklands in  23338 during a Blood Raider raid.

* Valin Hamar (The Hound) was executed in the ESA system in 23344 roughly a month before the ESA VIII-2 Massacure